Football (Soccer) Latest Update – The Modern Days


Soccer has been modernized. It has developed rather than just originate at certain periods of time. This sport was vastly played by those youngsters from England and was then banned for its fierceness. The rules were lacking with sportsmanship before. However, nowadays, rules have been created to better manage the games. The latter has been the present foundation of the sport.

Soccer has dramatically changed in England in the early 1800s. In 1867, history gave birth to another kind of sports which they called Football which was accepted and recognized by many. However, closely adapted as Rugby, its excitement grew fast that made the people establish the Intercollegiate Football Association in 1873 by different representatives in America.20150126-1900s-Broadview-Football

The attributes of Football today is much more different than the early times. It was more dangerous and brutal before in major aspects, but is all the same with some. That is one attribute that makes the modern players more grateful about the game.

Just like any other Hollywood Stars, Football was rivaled by Baseball with popularity. The game was a battlefield where shedding blood was a common idea and players were like bulls that had to run for their lives. It was illegal to forward pass that made the game brutally exciting.

In 1903, Chicago Tribune reported that there were 18 deaths in a row that season. Americans began to realize the rudeness Football had brought them, but still wanted to let its legacy stay. President Theodore Roosevelt pleaded to the public to provide the gear for the players for their safety’s sake because of the long list of injuries and deaths along the game. The avid Football fan urged many, especially the Colleges, to make radical changes to the rulebook just to keep the sport despite of its violence.

In 1906, the controversial year in Football history, the intercollegiate conference made changes to the rulebook dramatically. By 1907, deaths had sharply declined, which leads it records to be more similar to your generation’s game than its bloody, nerve-wrecking history.

When the new rules were promulgated, new equipment also came. They legalized the forward pass and a conference set was set in motion. A more conducive form of passing was created. After football was born, there were many changes throughout history. The game became more and more popular each time and it vastly spread all over the globe.

1900s Soccer Ball and Boots

Leagues have sprouted in each country and even kids have been playing soccer. In some schools, scholarships are offered upon playing such game and many students would take this game seriously due to the fact that its the only reason why they can have the opportunity in going to school. When the game became popular, many players also gained fame. David Beckham was one of them. He became popular all throughout the world that even those in the third world countries know him. BBC always have an update of this beautiful sport. They feature updates from your favorite soccer players and they also keep the scores of the international games.