Fun Interesting Facts About Football (Soccer)



Interested about football? Or also known as “soccer”? Then, you might want to know some fun facts about this popular game. Here are the following facts that most soccer fans don’t know about this wonderful game. These are random and not ranked to any particular order, but you will surely get what you want to know about (soccer) football.


  • Soccer gained fame in a prison in London. Some prisoners who were convicted with the crime of theft had both104542 of their hands cut off. Therefore, they suddenly came up with this sport that uses their feet instead of hands. From there, the game spread world wide.
  • On a soccer ball, there are thirty two (32) panels and that stands for every country in Europe.
  • The United States coined the term “soccer” but this game is known to be football in other places. Did you know that its original name was basket-ball? This is because goals were knocked over baskets.
  • Balls used in soccer are not circle, but slightly oval in shaped. The board pattern is checkered and there’s an illusion that has been created to make it look like another perfect sphere.
  • Several third world villages which cannot afford to buy any soccer ball. And so they use disposable diapers and even rags to make one.
  • The largest tournament in soccer is the World Cup. This is held once every four (4) years and is usually in different countries. There are billions of people who are waiting to watch these games. Some would just settle for the televised version. Teams from all over the globe battle for supremacy.
  • Ronaldo, a striker from Brazil became the MVP in the World Cup held in 1988. He won the award even if his team lost the game with France as their opponent. He was the world’s best player three (3) times.
  • The size of a typical soccer ball is twenty eight (28) in circumference. Most of the soccer balls are greatly produced in the country Pakistan.
  • The trophy from the World Cup weighs about thirteen (13) pounds and is certainly made of eighteen (28) carat gold.
  • Over two hundred (200) countries from all over the globe submitted their qualifications to the World Cup.
  • As a stereotype, a soccer ball has black pentagons and hexagons that are white as its design. It has follows the resemblance of a satellite that was launched in 1962 by NASA.
  • In a soccer game, each player runs an average of seven (7) miles.
  • Several countries call their uniforms a “kit” while they call their cleats “hooves”.
  • Soccer was designed to be a sport that should not have any contact.
  • In 1984, that was the time that the professional players were allowed to join the Olympics.
  • Until 1991, soccer was labeled illegal in the state of Mississippi.
  • Canada declared soccer as its national sport.
  • There is a women association of soccer and it made its debut in the year 2001.
  • Arthur Wharton was the first ever black player who became a professional.


These are just some of the fun facts about soccer. This beautiful game has evolved so much and has gained reputation. Some group of friends get together just to watch their favorite sports and cheer for their fan. This is why many people love to watch videos in this kind of sport game because of the fun and thrill it can offer to the viewers or fans.